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released February 13, 2016

Michael Pelz - all guitars, bass, vocals.



all rights reserved


AHNWM Fort Wayne, Indiana

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Track Name: Mercurial
Once more a dry inhale collects every toxin in the choking zephyr.
Excruciating pain is exhaled and exiled as a new-found source of fear.
This is much more significant.
A deity for broken hands to hold.
I know I am becoming a power to which you're succumbing.
An immortal disease in your system.
The voice in your head.
I am God.
To hell with being magnanimous.
I am a creature designed to control.
And every ounce of fear you release strands you further and further on your self-imposed atoll.
I medicate the maladies with a cruel and auspicious design.
Like the burning skyline's horizon where the stars shall never align.
Suffer through the discrepancies.
These errors are black and white.
My palms constricting the silence, extracting the dark from the night.
God damn the world around me and every heart you've tainted.
This is not a stroke of theology.
Take a look at what you've created.
Track Name: Vestigial
Abused and mistreated.
I will not be, I've become something pseudo-significant.
Used and complacent.
And thoughts that warrant matter never made a difference.
A life of love will never be released.
And a soul consumed by hatred will never rest in peace.
You'll recognize your faults and shadow your disdain.
But for now, do what you do best, and walk away.
There's nothing left but a pile of ashes.
Your life of lust will not again sway me.
A black soul becomes translucent.
The hand no longer feeds.
So you may be coruscant from time to time, but know I severed your string long ago.
Track Name: Forty Seed
Inflated hearts and liars.
Muted night and karma's cry.
A dawn to spark the fire.
This charm's to bleed them dry.
Adrenaline speeding through.
A trace of black to mark the trail.
You should've bled me dry.
You had the chance and you failed.
I bide my time.
Come full circle.
This point is past affliction.
In the midst of a new addiction.
Cascading trails of white.
Flames to warm the glass.
Awake in an absence of light.
A reminder of a past better left to rot and decay.
A new abomination designed to end the day.
Relentless retaliation.
This is just the beginning.
What comes next is something you'll never be prepared for.
Enjoy your peace, your quiet, your comfort.
It won't last.
Prepare for war.
Track Name: Monarch
With each finger gracefully intertwined, we embrace the peace upon us.
And turn our backs on an unadorned past, praying for this gift to last.
At last, a balance restored.
Eternal harmony erases discord.
Yet I wake.
I return to despair empty-handed and unprepared.
I wake to leave it all behind.
Forever maligned.
Track Name: Slave
Passed down through seeds of disdain.
An unearned sense of power.
Judge not lest ye be judged, yet judge you will.
A soul to scour.
Every line drawn in the sand presents our moral segregation.
Hatred fuels your moral standings and your rampant degradation.
You're not the answer.
You are the cancer to this world.
The trends will die with the scum you've protected.
Our world is falling and becoming infected.
Accept what you can't change and change what you cannot accept.
Or be a slave to the inferno.
Time forgets.
But forgiveness is saved for those who deserve it.
You are the cancer to this world.
Track Name: No Silver Lining
It stays in the shadows biding its time and designing its semblance.
Awaiting the silence.
Taking your spirit and leaving your remnants.
Survey your settings.
Frightened by silhouettes reaching for you.
Reject the guidance.
Suffer through it all like it's all brand new.
The signs are clear as day.
The writing's on the wall.
Would you rather be saved or enjoy the fall?
The darkness is cursed with morality.
The end is in sight and you've made your mark.
Just grasp why you've chosen living to loathe the light and love the dark.
And if horizons are out of concern and you refuse this hand, by all means, be discontent.
Be alone.
You'll either swim to the surface or sink like a stone.
There is no silver lining unless you open your heart and your hands.
Track Name: Desiccated
Open the flood gates and let the blood run red like every thought in your stagnant head.
And rescind every ounce of energy, because you're left with nothing but an enemy.
I resembled an ally, an instinct.
Now all I resembled is extinct.
You fought just to even the score.
You won the battle but you lost the fucking war.
Where were you when everything was in shambles?
You were the catalyst sparking the scandals.
All that we build is decimated.
Our perfect oasis is desiccated.
You think I've shown every card in my hand?
That just shows that I'm something you don't understand.
Each dividend that you pay towards you debt will be drowned in a downpour of pure regret.
Something to mull over while this remains is the familiarity that I have with pain.
And all I can do to inflict a new crisis.
Let's see how you like this.
Track Name: The Hunter
We live in a world where life is measured by the accumulation of acceptance placed upon our digital hearts.
We live in a world where our own satisfaction is fabricated.
Still we move on, cold and empty.
Sever yourself.
Set yourself free.
Our footprints are left in the sand.
Our lives are left in the hands of a king, a lord, a god.
Ephemeral bouts of elation.
Self-indulgent liberation.
Our words are engraved on the wall.
A euphoric leap with a ruinous fall.
Crash down to earth with your social dependence.
Embrace the delight of a new-found transcendence.
Sever yourself.
Set yourself free.
Track Name: The Night Better Left Forgotten Pt. I
Don't disturb the aching night.
Don't test the water if you're not prepared to dive.
This is where it ends.
I've suffered too long to suffer again.
Night resumes its reign.
We knew this would descend.
Is it worth the pain to never look me in the eye again?
Fire scorching attentive veins.
Don't feel discarded unless you know you're the reason why fire is burning down this home.
A foundation secrets stands among the embers alone.
This isn't over.
You'll know when we've reached the end.
Track Name: The Night Better Left Forgotten Pt. II
Something tells me I'm not the one that you've been fighting for.
I've just been dressed as a sheep to keep the wolves at the door.
It's time to capture the throne and bring the god to its knees.
Only providing the host with parasitic disease.
Torn to shreds.
I'll never look you in the eye again.
Out for blood and overcome with decay.
Your heart says 'repel' but you can't stay away.
A ghost of a 'victim' who's crawling with judgement.
A soul made of weakness so foul and repugnant.
Increasingly abhorrent to the ones that you reach.
Chiefly the subject your mind says to keep.
A cynic whose outlook is strictly defeatist.
An aura of gloom radiating with weakness.
Read these words carefully.
Maintain your focus.
This just might pertain to you.
Have you noticed that all of your regret has led to this moment?
Do with this chance what you do with all else and just blow it.
You're dead to me.
Today's sun will never resurface.
You're dead to me.
Track Name: Stigma/Enigma
Pray for the end.
It's the only thing that can save you.
Don't you see this is just what you've become?
I pray for a different ending.
Release the anguish and corruption.
Prepare, the prophecy's destruction is upon our catastrophic lives.
This is the final hour.
In a world of self-indulgent cries, we become our own demise.
Pray for God to help you now.
This is the ninth degree of hell.
This isn't targeting the entire ocean.
Just a reminder for the specks in the sea who try to prey on the weakness before them, relentlessly forcing their beliefs.
Death will greet us all.
He will not come veiled.
Separated into groups of devotion.
Overcome with rabid commotion.
Eternal fate lies on the line.
Are you worthy of the divine?
Death will greet us all.
He will not come veiled.
Gaze into the eyes of the god you've failed.
Shelter the ears of the righteous.
Exploit the minds of the lost.
Hinder the tongues of the wretched.
Kneel to your broken cross.
Track Name: Dead World
Dead eyes to match the souls of the corpses that walk beside me.
The past looks so pristine.
A crystalline memory.
A tale of yesterdays where we still had control can only be seen with dead eyes to match the souls.
The plains so desolate, barren yet populated.
And it sought destruction through all we've created.
The iridescent screens have stolen our lives.
And though we are living, we are far from alive.
We are trapped within ourselves.
We're trapped and we know it.
We refuse to shed our skin.
Devolve to the past.
A time where someone cared.
A time where we would act.
We don't mean what we say and we'd sell our souls for fame.
Judge yet beg to be spared, then continue to judge the same.
In a world polluted by humans, we've left nothing unsaid.
In a world devoid of humanity, covered in paths we fear to tread.
In a world polluted by humans, we've left nothing unsaid.
Our bodies are alive, our words are dead.
Our bodies alive.
Our words are dead.